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  1. Peter Urosevski Says:

    After reading parts of the category titled ‘Macedonian Language’ it is interesting that the name of the “Common Language” at the time i.e the Koine, can be explained by the Macedonian language of today i.e Koi = who and ne = not or no. Therfore, Who-not, therefore who didn’t speak it.

  2. maknews Says:

    After reading yet another celebration of the stupidity you people take such great pride in, I decided to publish your comment and let the readers see exactly what propaganda does to intellectual midgets, how you children who after denouncing your true ancestors are in desparate need of an ethnic background are raised, totally ignorant of the very history you dare attempt to plagiarize.
    Now run back to the fools at makburda and tell them how you managed to make a fool of yourself.

    PS: this just has to be posted in our “Gems” at http://WWW.MACEDONIAONTHEWEB.COM where real history is taught.

  3. virtual assistant service Says:

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  4. Soultana Says:

    WHEN YOU SAY “FORMER YUGOSLAV” you sad it all!
    End of story.
    Lets have a beer, and make that a budwiser.

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